• US /ækˈsɛsəri/
  • UK /əkˈsesəri/
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  • n. 同謀;幫兇 ; 附加物件; 附件;配件;
  • He was found guilty of being an accessory to the crime
  • A quality lens can be an expensive accessory for photographers
  • May I borrow an accessory to match this pretty new shirt I bought?
  1. When "Unmentionables" like bras, underwear and even socks are truly unmentionable but still worthy of discussion. The perfect undergarments will accessorize the entire outfit, far more than bracelets, shoes, necklaces etc (traditional accessories).
    Jadyn's outfit looks stunning, especially when she moves and you get a glimpse at what other accessories she's got on. Devin's pants are too low, you can see the accessories, and I don't mean the [hardware] of chains, belt and bracelets.
  2. children from 3rd world country's they being accessory's by the fact that they are adopted by famous people only to boost thier reputation
    famous people like angelina jolie and madonna have a shit load of accessory 's from places like africa and asia people think that they are doing good by adopting but the fact is the children are only being used for the media. people like them are [media whores]
  3. A person who tags along with a group, even though no one really knows who they are or care if they're there. Usually doesn't say much and has nothing good to contribute to a conversation or a good time.
    Dude, that guy's been hanging on us all evening. What an accessory!