• US /əˈbaʊt/
  • UK /ə'baʊt/
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  • adv. 將要; 大約地; 接近; 在...的周圍;在...的附近;
  • prep. 關於、有關;
  • He was about to open the door, when Sue came in
  • We live about three kilometers from the school
  • He looks older, but he is about my age
  • He got up and moved about his hospital room
  • It is a book about plants
  1. Used in slang especially in Britain, in place of "No Way" or "Bullshit" The way it works is that it negates the following sentence, much in the way the above examples would. used in street slang and grime music
    Geoffrey: Hey mike i heard you fucked tony? Mike: about i ragged tony, i'm not gay blud
  2. Usually used in a Derogatory nature what ever word follows now means the opposite of what it meant before. Can also be pronouncedbout
    Yourabout smart” = Youre an idiot Yeah that wasabout smart” = that was a stupid thing to do. He's "bout ugly" = he's good looking