• US /wɪnd/
  • UK /wɪnd/
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  • n. 風; 風聲;
  • v. (路面等)蜿蜒; 纏繞;捲繞;轉動; 繞;
  • adj. 管樂器; 吹號角;
  • The wind blows hard when it rains
  • There has been a wind of social change recently
  • The roads wind up the mountain for 5 km
  • You should wind your watch every day
  • She likes to wind her hair around her finger
  • The saxophone is a wind instrument

Mana - How Far I"ll Go ( J.Fla翻唱 ) (Moana - How Far I'll Go ( cover by J.Fla ))

Mana - How Far I'll Go ( J.Fla翻唱 ) (Moana - How Far I'll Go ( cover by J.Fla )) Image 02:42
  1. if the wind on my sailon the sea stays behind me

    If the wind on my sail on the sea stays behind me 當我揚起風帆 聽那海風不停拂過耳畔
  2. if the wind in my sail on the sea stays behind me

    If the wind on my sail in t he sea stays behind me 但當我揚起風帆 聽那海風不停拂過耳畔
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棉花糖 (Marshmello ft. Bastille - Happier ( cover by J.Fla ))

棉花糖 (Marshmello ft. Bastille - Happier ( cover by J.Fla )) Image 02:20
  1. in the cold light of day we're a flame in the wind

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電影《冰雪奇緣 2》插曲 -『一切答案的源頭」[HQ] (Frozen II - All Is Found [HQ])

電影《冰雪奇緣 2》插曲 -『一切答案的源頭」[HQ] (Frozen II - All Is Found [HQ]) Image 02:11
  1. where the north wind meets the sea

    Where the north wind meets the sea 北風與海的交集
  2. where the north wind meets the sea

    Where the north wind meets the sea 北風與海的交集
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悲慘世界 (Les Miserables) 預告片

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超尷尬!在學校如何避免勃起? How To Hide an Unwanted Erection in School

超尷尬!在學校如何避免勃起? How To Hide an Unwanted Erection in School Image 01:52
  1. the blood flow away from mr. happy, taking the wind out of his sails, so to speak.

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  1. The third element used to summon Captain Planet.
    EARTH, FIRE, WIND, WATER, HEART! GO PLANET! By your powers combined, I am Captain Planet!
  2. A way of dancing...cominf from the islands....TRINIDAD in particularly. It is basically jiration of the hips and butt.
    Kelis' song
  3. a japanese boyband with all in one package cute,adorable and of course good music and they are all very good dancers (even break dancing!). Don't believe what other people say, they are NOT androids. members are keita tachibana, main vocal, can reach to five octave range, ryohei chiba, rapper and backup singer, ryuichi ogata, rapper and backup singer. w-inds. was said to have come from the wind in the south represented by ryohei and ryuichi and the north represented by keita where they all met in Tokyo. winds. have won the best new artist award in their 1st year!they have recorded 3 albums and 12 singles to date.
    check out their videos super lover~i need you tonight, new paradise , long road, pieces and their other pvs. their latest one is kirei da...
  4. 1. To be out of physical shape or not in good condition. To feel light-headed and slight pain. e.g He got winded from that punch 2. A way of dancing 3. A fart e.g He broke wind 4. A rush of air created by warm air rising and cold air rushing in to takes its place. 5.To use a twisting motion which in turn has a wheel used as a simple machine in order to achieve some task which prepares the object containing the object to be twisted. e.g I'm going to wind up the toy.
    All in my definition.
  5. The way a newbie fan spells the Jpop group [w-inds.] name.
    USER1: I LUV W-inds USER2: Dude, its w-inds., okay. Get it fucking right. USER1: OMG LYK, SRY LOLX
  6. The best Boy band in Japan. they breakdance adn rap real good, and no, they are not androids like *someone else said* their names are keita tachibana, the main singer, Ryohei Chiba, rap, dancer and chorus singer and Ryuichi Ogata, he does the same job as Ryohei.
    They sing good, dance good and they look good too! {o^^o}
  7. wind, u know... woosh woosh
    BRRR... it's windy today, let me put on a jacket. YAY!!!
  8. Keita Tachibana - lead vocals, born Dec 16, 1985 Ryuichi Ogata - lead rap, backup singer, born Dec 17, 1985 Ryohei Chiba - lead dancer, backup singer (and he sometimes helps with the rapping), born Nov 18, 1984 Jpop boy band that has 20 singles, 20 coupling songs, 6 cd's (with an average of 15 1/3 songs on each), and 11 DVD's. They also have short video's of them as the 'joy police' where they go to places that are suppost to be fun and see if they are (Keita dosn't jump when things pop out at him and Ryuichi tends to like rides more than something you have to walk though from what I've seen)
    Great W-inds songs: Forever Memories Paradox Shiki Super Lover ~I Need You Tonight~ Love is Message Game Break Down, Build Up New Paradise
  9. a phenomenon caused by trees sneezing
    Calvin: What causes wind? Dad: Trees sneezing Calvin: Really? Dad: No but the truth is much more complicated. **Later** Calvin: Boy the trees sure are sneezing today
  10. a way of dancing (seksi)
    "I know you want it, the thing that makes me, what the guys go crazy for.They lose their minds, the way i WIND,i think its time..."-Kelis