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Chen Wei and Peter do not like cabbage, but Chen Wei's sister loves it.
彼得和陳偉不喜歡吃捲心菜, 但是陳偉的妹妹喜歡吃.

Trev: No problem. Wei and I are pros. Ain't that right, Wei?
崔佛: 沒問題. 小薇和我是專家. 對不對啊, 小薇?

She received a lifetime experience of the Northern Wei, Eastern Wei and Northerndynasty of the three.
魏收一生經歷了北魏 、 東魏和北齊三個王朝.

Buddhist Monument and seven Cliff Hill Cliff Figures rock, namely the Northern Wei and Wei stone.
居士山摩崖碑和七岩山摩崖造像, 分別為北魏和東魏石刻.

When Northern Wei Dynasty, Datong ( at that time called Pingcheng ) once as Northern Wei Dynasty's while.
北魏時, 大同 ( 當時稱平城 ) 曾作為北魏的都城名重一時.

公民1985 公民覺醒 最後演說

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超感人微電影:媽媽的玉手鐲 My Mother's Jade (2013) - Short Film

超感人微電影:媽媽的玉手鐲 My Mother's Jade (2013) - Short Film Image 17:38
  1. mom: wei, no-la! the sun is coming down! ling: mom, i'­m 16 years old. i think i can handle five blocks of dicey residential sidewalk.

    母:不要啦!太陽就快下山了 凌:媽,我都已經16歲了,距離五區的路還好,沒什麼好擔心的
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康軒第一冊第一課 B1L1_Reading

康軒第一冊第一課 B1L1_Reading Image 00:30
  1. hu jia-wei is an artist.

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【TED】健康照護男女有別 Paula Johnson: His and hers ... healthcare

【TED】健康照護男女有別 Paula Johnson: His and hers ... healthcare Image 14:43
  1. hung wei, a relative of a colleague,

    一位同事的親戚 ── 洪瑋(音譯),
  2. sadly, dana and hung wei died of their disease.

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  1. God of Taiwan, supreme ruler of all of China as well.
    Don't say that, or Wei will reign fire upon your house.
  2. A kingdom from the sanguo (3 kingdoms) era in china. Set up by Cao Cao, it was a powerful kingdom that featured many great strategists. became less brilliant after Cao Cao's death, and his son Cao Pi's death, leaving a kid as Wei emperor, and leaving the Sima family (one loyal to Wei) to create the kingdom of Jin. Wei eventually conquered Shu, but later surrendered to Jin.
    Cao Cao is the emperor of Wei
  3. 1. Someone who grew up too fast, thinks maturely but like a bitter old man at the mere age of 15. 2. To have been wei-ed. 3. Someone who promises something, but takes forever to do it just because there is no time limit.
    You just got wei-ified.
  4. Wei is the Lord of Plano.
    "We exalt Wei in life, death, and in between."
  5. 1. <n> an embodiment of a creature from venus who would cut off 4 inches of hair rather than to study for her econ test 2. <n> that girl you know who enjoys cute little surprises but does not admit her hopeless romantic side 3. <adv> something preceding positive adjectives 4. <n> somebody easy to talk to, hard to approach, and at times hard to impress...can you blame her considering the types of guys she's met?
    Wei is wei out of your league.