• US /wi/
  • UK /wɪ/
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  • pron. 我們 ; 本人; 我們; 我們 (彼此認識);
  • Mark and I were married 10 years ago. We are still in love
  • We Japanese eat a lot of rice
  • In our society we should all help people more
  1. Whatever, shorten to be used in chatting and messaging situations
    WE dude!
  2. 1. A pronoun referring to oneself and at least one other person. 2. Royal metonym for one's self, country and subjects.
    1. We are going to the park to kick homeles people because we are bored. 2. We are full of pudding and are going to use the potty.
  3. A term used by a parent meaning you. It is commonly used when they know you will not do something by yourself.
    Father: hey son, lets go, we are going to go mow the lawn. Son: sure, sounds fun! Father: you go ahead and start cutting, I will be out in 5 minutes. Son: dripping from sweat, where were you, its been an hour and I'm already finished!! Father: oh sorry, by we, I meant you.
  4. You and I
    we are together
  5. Short form for "weekend", mainly used in Germany.
    Any plans for the we?
  6. whatever abbreviated. often used when pissed.
    person 1: i hate your hair. person 2: we. person 1: what does that mean? person 2: whatever. person 1: no tell me! person 2: no it actually means whatever... person 1: oh...! person 2: smh.
  7. In personals ads, Well Endowed
    MWF seeks WE DWM for fun