• US /ˈjunɪt/
  • UK /ˈju:nɪt/
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  • n. (公寓樓的)單元;單位; 組成部分; 單元; (數量)單位; (人員)單位;
  • His unit is five doors down on the right
  • The members of the army unit remained friends for a lifetime
  • I’m just finishing unit 5
  • The common unit for paper is the ‘ream’
  • That is the only unit the company made for us

用可口可樂做聖誕裝飾 How To Make Coca Cola Truck Christmas Decoration

用可口可樂做聖誕裝飾 How To Make Coca Cola Truck Christmas Decoration Image 03:59
  1. next we need to fold over our bumper unit, stick it together and glue it into place.

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#7 黑暗騎士 (The Dark Knight)

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The Forces on an Airplane

The Forces on an Airplane Image 08:32
  1. well, let's look at the equation for the magnitude of lift per unit wing

  2. there's a similar equation for the drag per unit wing area: d

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"January 31, 2013 - CNN Student News with subtitles (not yet)"

'January 31, 2013 - CNN Student News with subtitles (not yet)' Image 10:31
  1. he`s the producer with the cnn medical unit, and we`d like you to tell us, ben, how can our viewers, how can anyone avoid this kind of accident?

  2. ben tinker, sr. producer, cnn medical unit: now, we`ve all been guilty of trying to get dinner on the table a little too quickly sometimes,

    BEN TINKER, SR.CNN醫療組織、部門的製片人:現在,我們都犯了試圖讓晚餐在桌子上有點太快,有時。
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Google眼鏡(Google Glass) 實測 Project Glass: Live Demo At Google I/O

Google眼鏡(Google Glass) 實測 Project Glass: Live Demo At Google I/O Image 11:27
  1. >>sergey brin: so we've been really excited to test it for a few months. the unit i actually

    >> Sergey Brin: 所以我們已經很興奮,幾個月內對其進行測試。單位我實際上
  2. i was hoping to maybe get that unit that i lent you down here. and i thought maybe you

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5歲撞球神童 - 5-Yr-Old Pool Prodigy

5歲撞球神童 - 5-Yr-Old Pool Prodigy Image 04:58
  1. pool table takes up the biggest room in the house and we have a storage unit that's full

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  1. An absolute machine of a person. Looks like they never leave the gym and usually out to cause trouble.
    Terminator is considered a unit
  2. Used in Beavis and Butthead Do America, unit, refers to penis.
    "Uh-huh-huh, do you want to see my unit?" --Butthead
  3. Male penis. also known as a [dick], [cock], [schlong], [meat], [wiener], [noodle], [winky], [pipe], [peepee], [ding-dong], [snake], [tube], [hose], [worm], [caca], [dinkerbell], [thing], [it], [willy].
    My unit has many names.
  4. 1> someone who is indescribable. 2> some one so fucked up, & complicated that they can only be discribed by the word UNIT
    that Cherise is some UNIT.
  5. your parental "units", your parents
    God the units are cramping my style
  6. Big sturdy bird you wouldn't want to mess with but would want on your side if things started to get tasty.
    Ere Bri, you seen that big old Bella Emberg in accounts? Aye, a right unit.
  7. A clothing brand designed for bogan pride. A typical bogan will have a big Unit sticker on the back of their Commo.
    John put a Unit sticker on the back of his commo, and then drove down the street throwing empty rum cans at lebs
  8. Part of the Northwood University - Michigan campus where there are accomodation for students. They provide single rooms with shared bathroom and Living room. The different buildings are called Independance, Constitution, Liberty and Jones. The whole tennis team lives there. The best unit ever was Jones Lower Center : home of the parties and the comfy living room!
    " Hey lets go to the units i heard there is a party over there" "she had to move from the units because her roomate was a bitch" "Omg! JLC?? this unit is sick!"
  9. The term unit can be used when something is so particularly sweet that its actual title is not good enough. When no other term can be used to describe its need. Also, can be used to label objects that suck.
    Toaster Oven AKA "Toasting Unit" Bucket or Container AKA "A Filling Unit" Broken Toy AKA "Shitty Unit" Bong AKA "Smoking Unit" Ipod AKA "Tune Unit" Condom AKA Condamn AKA "Dong Unit" Sam - "Hey Bro what you got" Tim - "Oh noth'n just a robot that gets beer from the fridge when I clap my hands." Sam - "What a sweet unit!" Roomie "I got a chick here, where is the box of dong units" when the batteries run out in the TV remote a proper response could entail the comment "shitty unit" while banging it on the arm of the couch.
  10. Hard to define, it's a complimentary or derogatory term depending on usage. It can refer to a person as someone that is cool, tall, muscular, strong, or a friend (synonym: dude). It can also refer to a penis or someone that is negatively referred to as a penis (synonym: dick).
    You can call anyone 'unit' or 'a unit' or 'the unit' and so on. 'Unit' can be used as a complimentary term or as a derogatory term. Examples: "What's up, unittttt!" "That kid's a fucking unit." It's all about the emphasis on 'unit'. The usage derives from both 'dude' and 'cock'. 'Dude' is more often complimentary while 'cock' is sometimes just 'cock' and other times 'cock' is derogatory. Examples: "Ahhhh, unitttt!!!! What's up, kid?!?!?" "She couldn't handle my gigantic unit." "He's the biggest fucking unit." Also derives from Randy Johnson, also known as 'The Big Unit'. The first known usage of the modern 'unit' terminology was by a Boston man, himself a big unit because of his height, strength, and ability to crush beers.