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  • v. 表現突然的無預警的; 到就可以了;磕碰增加;
  • One day, Michael ups and quits his job
  • He ups his offer by fifty percent

如何保護電腦不被惡意軟體攻擊 How to protect your computer from malware

如何保護電腦不被惡意軟體攻擊 How to protect your computer from malware Image 02:07
  1. but malware can also cause pop-ups, unwanted tool bars,

    除了上述情況 惡意軟體也可能會帶出彈出式視窗
4425 65 B1 中級 有中文字幕
  1. United Parcel Service
    working at united parcel service sucks
  2. Uninterruptible Power Supply
    We are going so put a UPS on the server so it does not go offline when the power goes out.
  3. 1.A basketball players term meaning can jump high. 2. A graffiti writers term meaning bombing all over the city or getting your ups.
    Michael Jordan got crazy ups or Yo XXXone got crazy ups.
  4. The art of asking people if they work for UPS because they keep checking out your package.
    Demko asked him how long he had been with UPS, and the fucker decked him.
  5. 1. recognition, props 2. high vertical
    "Mad ups on that nobel prize!" "That boy's got mad ups, you see him dunk?"
  6. United Pot Smokers
    Cheech is a Proud member of the UPS!
  7. 1. United Parcel Service - a package delivery company 2. Uninterruptable Power Supply 3. More than one up.
    1. I got got my UPS package 2. I have an UPS connected 3. They went to do sit ups and then junp all the way ups.
  8. 1.)United Parcel Serive 2.) Under Paid Slaves (used to describe those who work for the above when they go on strike) 3.) Useless Pieces of Shit (Used to describe people who work at UPS by some groups namely those working for other shipping companies)
    People who work at UPS think they are Under Paid Salves, but in reality they are just Useless Pieces of Shit. At least thats what the DHL guy tells me.
  9. exercises such as pull-ups, sit-ups, and push-ups.
    I hate doing ups in gym class.
  10. A term which is shouted, after sucking out in a big hand in poker.
    '009 hits runner runner for the flush, 008 has top set, UPSSSSSSSSSS'