• US /taɪp/
  • UK /taɪp/
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  • n. 字體; 使分類;使分配;
  • v. 把...分類; 打字(第三人稱單數);
  • I want the printing done in bold type please
  • This type of animal does not eat meat
  • The scientists need to type each plant in the country
  • Can you type fast?

臍帶血適合我的家庭? (Is Cord Blood Banking Right For My Family?)

臍帶血適合我的家庭? (Is Cord Blood Banking Right For My Family?) Image 03:38
  1. the stem cells are a different type and hold great promise

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安东尼罗宾演讲视频 (Tony Robbins

安东尼罗宾演讲视频 (Tony Robbins Image 34:08
  1. soup acne on my face. i was trying to call on bear stearns-type of people and convince

    湯痘痘在我的臉上。我試圖打電話 在貝爾斯登型的人,並說服
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沒做過這些事,別說你來過首爾! (50 Things to do in Seoul, Korea Travel Guide)

沒做過這些事,別說你來過首爾! (50 Things to do in Seoul, Korea Travel Guide) Image 29:06
  1. and hanok (한옥) is a traditional type of house that dates back to the joseon dynasty.

    和韓屋(한옥)是一個傳統型的 房子可以追溯到朝鮮時代。
  2. you don't really see this type of construction anymore so we're going to be wandering around

    你不是真的看到這種類型的建築 了,所以我們要圍繞徘徊
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  1. It means alot or way too much. Same meaning as MAD
    Ayo its type cold out side, or, Doggie that fitted is type hot.
  2. it's another word for quite, or another word to say that something was for example: Madd funny. But insted of saying madd use type. so it was TYPE FUNNY! But you cannot say it was so type funny because it defeates the purpose.
    That was Type funny yo that dude was Type fine she was Type ugly
  3. Contrary to most UD definitions of 'type' - TYPE used in a sentence is more like a substitute for 'kind of'/'kinda'. Though it can mean 'a lot' and be replaced by 'mad', it's more used when meaning 'kind of'.
    Example: A) "Yo, shorty looking type good" B) "His party was type crazy, like - mad heads in there." in both instances, type can easily be replaced by 'kinda'.
  4. meaning "really" or "very"
    It's type cold. I'm type mad.
  5. variation of Quite...
    man, that bitch is Type fine
  6. 1. When someone acts like every stereo type they look like.
    A type ass bitch is basically a basic ass bitch. Ex: white girl in UGG boots drinking Starbucks.