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【TED】談日常發明 (Saul Griffith: Hardware solutions to everyday problems)

【TED】談日常發明 (Saul Griffith: Hardware solutions to everyday problems) Image 15:16
  1. and it took him one page. and so this is our muse tucker.

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【快樂氰化物精選集】第5集 (Cyanide & Happiness Compilation - #5)

【快樂氰化物精選集】第5集 (Cyanide & Happiness Compilation - #5) Image 16:08
  1. [vomit sound] -dick tucker

    (嘔吐聲) 「迪克塔可特務」
  2. (girly voices) dick tucker - the easily aroused secret agent!

    (女人聲音) 迪克塔可,最容易勃起的特務! (譯註: arouse除了有「喚起」,尚有「勃起」之意)
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簡單創造財富自由的基本原則 (Creating Financial Freedom | Bob Proctor)

簡單創造財富自由的基本原則 (Creating Financial Freedom | Bob Proctor) Image 01:45
  1. you know, sophie tucker once said, "i've been rich and i've been poor. rich is better."

    你知道,Sophie Tucker 曾經說過,「我曾經很有錢,我也曾經很窮。有錢比較好。」
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  1. Man with amazing blue eyes. Said to have a sexy body. Loves one girl and would die for her. Meant to live with a girl who has beautiful brown eyes. AMAZING IN BED. ;)
    Man, even though his name is Ben, it should be Tucker!
  2. Australian slang for food.
    That was some good tucker mate!
  3. is a WONDERFUL man who loves his friends and family even though at times it doesn't seem like it.he loves his girlfriend with all his heart and he treats her great.he always says the truth. He has a great and funny personality but at times can't control it. hes got brown-ish black-ish hair, sweet eyes, and i love him very much <3
  4. A common name for an athletic and extremely physically fit dog.
    That corgi's name is Tucker and he certainly lives up to it! He ran so fast you couldn't even see his little legs, not to mention his slim, sleek body!
  5. A nickname for an individual who tucks his penis between his legs resulting in the appearance of a man-gina. The act of "Tucking" or being a "Tucker" can be caused by but is not limited to: 1) Nagging girlfriends/wives 2) Not participating in weekend activities (Mainly Drinking) 3) Choosing to drink wine over hard liquor and/or beer 4) Bringing a woman to guys night out
    Matt was being such a Tucker last night, he stayed in with his girlfriend drinking wine to watch the movie "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past."
  6. australian slang for food. can also refer to dinner.
    1. in the outback, we had wild dingo for tucker every night. 2. gosh, i love a good tucker.
  7. a chill kid. usually high or doing math
    "wheres tucker at? " "probably at school doing math, or at the beach getting high"
  8. A really cool guy that wears glasses. He's got brown eyes that are so amazing you could just swim in them for eternity. Those eyes bore into your soul, but they have this soft look to them. They just make you melt. The brown hair on his head is like a huge, epic mop. It's really cool looking, trust me. If you're dating a Tucker, then you know that he's the best boyfriend ever to walk the earth. You also know (or will know) that he is an amazing kisser, and he knows just what to say that will make any girl swoon. His voice cracks sometimes, but it's really adorable. He loves poking people, he's really tall, and his skin stays tan through the year because he mows lawns alot. He's probably the most random guy you will ever meet. He LOVES Harry Potter, especially Ravenclaw. If you know this guy, don't ever let go of him, because he's probably be the best guy you will ever meet.
    Luna: So, I hear you're dating Tucker now. Man, aren't you lucky. Hermione: Yeah! He's the best kisser ever! Gosh, why did I ever even think about getting together with Ron? Tucker is just so brilliant..
  9. A guy who is wicked nervous around girls and just needs to man up. Hes shy and even with help from his friends hes a chicken.
    Tucker is such a chicken, he just needs to man up and quit being so shy.
  10. A character on the game of DC Universe Online that claims to be a female but is actually a male, and therefore, refuses to use it's mic. These THINGS have often been catered to by the character Hale because he falls for their false gender claims.
    Crimson Dragon: Ay yo Bomber, where is Hale? HL Bomber: Probably out boostin another tucker!