• US /trænsˈfɚ/
  • UK /træns'fɜ:(r)/
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  • v. 轉換(工作、學校); 傳染; 轉讓(所有權); 遷移 ; 讓渡 ; 摹寫 ; 使調任 ; 使轉學 ; 換車 ; 交付 ; 匯兌 ; 過戶 ; 調任 ; 移轉 ; 調 ; 調動 ; 移交 ; 轉送 ; 轉運; 運用(知識、技能); 轉乘;
  • n. 轉換(工作、學校); (所有權的)轉讓; 轉印圖畫;轉印圖案; (知識、技能等的)運用; 轉車票;換乘票;
  • He will transfer to a new job next month, maybe In Houston
  • Please don't transfer your illness to me
  • He will transfer the house to his son
  • I need to transfer money from this account to that one
  • You can transfer your art skills in this writing class
  • We will transfer airplanes at the London, and then go on to Rome
  • John made a transfer to a new school because his parents want to move to another city
  • There has been a transfer of this property to a new owner
  • He ironed the transfer onto the shirt
  • There is so much transfer from your old work to this job, you know everything already
  • Use this transfer to get on the next airplane

臺北旅遊建議 (Taipei City Guide Travel Tips)

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  1. then you would have to transfer either to the subway or the bus.

    然後,你就必須要么轉移到 地鐵或公交車。
  2. there is lots of lines so you can transfer easily.

    There is lots of lines so you can transfer easily.
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網路的歷史 (History of the Internet)

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  1. in order to accelerate knowledge transfer and avoid the doubling up

  2. the specific feature of the tcp is the verification of the file transfer.

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時代精神2:Zeitgeist Addendum

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  1. and the game of perpetual wealth transfer and perpetual debt continues.

    而這種關於貧富 借貸"風水輪流轉"的遊戲仍在繼續
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Post Production Audio from Losses! - FilmRiot

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  1. or transfer. that’s only $6.47 for a domain transfer, no… i know math. wait, i’ve

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學習的登記紀錄檔(The Learning Registry - Education Datapalooza)

學習的登記紀錄檔(The Learning Registry - Education Datapalooza) Image 06:49
  1. important. and that is data about content - digital content. as we transfer from print

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The Story of Broke (2011) 東西的故事

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  1. A paper metrocard that you ask a bus driver for if you pay for a ride with coins. It is valid for 2 hours for another type of a bus or for train ride.
    When in NYC, ask for a transfer. Hey, @$$hole, your transfer expired 3 minutes ago, get of my bus!
  2. To withdraw from one institution of higher learning and enroll in another. Usually its from one university to another, but it could also be from one secondary school to another.
    After two years of torture and torment, I transferred from Syracuse to Duke University.
  3. Word used instead of "pass" or "hand it over". Generally used when asking someone to pass a joint, bong, or pipe.
    Dude transfer me that splif you've had it for ever