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  • v. 貿易(商品等); 貿易;
  • n. (食物等的)貿易;
  • They are trading food for water
  • She was trading holiday photos for cards
  • He's involved in the trading of food

"人口只有十一萬的倫敦?帶你發現不是倫敦的倫敦!歷史篇! The (Secret) City of London, Part 1: History"

'人口只有十一萬的倫敦?帶你發現不是倫敦的倫敦!歷史篇! The (Secret) City of London, Part 1: History' Image 04:48
  1. 2,000 years ago they came to great britain, killed a bunch of druids, and founded a trading

  2. the city within. and the city, governing itself and trading with the world, grew rich.

    城市內部。而 "城",自己管理自己,與世界貿易,逐漸富裕起來。
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"F2C2012: Aaron Swartz keynote - ""How we stopped SOPA"""

'F2C2012: Aaron Swartz keynote - ''How we stopped SOPA''' Image 22:52
  1. is a dead zone of deadlock and dysfunction. there are months of debates and horse trading

  2. and you spend of bunch of time debating, and there’s a bunch of trading, they get members

    你花了大量的時間辯論, 有一堆的交易,他們得到的成員
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碳交易的故事 (The Story of Cap & Trade)

碳交易的故事 (The Story of Cap & Trade) Image 09:56
  1. in fact, the leading solution, known as cap and trade - or emissions trading - is actually a huge problem.

    事實上,最主要的解決方式 稱為總量管制與交易制度,或者說排放量交易制其實是個大問題
  2. they include the guys from enron who designed energy trading,

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五臟俱全的新加坡 (Singapore Vacation Travel Guide)

五臟俱全的新加坡 (Singapore Vacation Travel Guide) Image 05:27
  1. built at the crossroads of maritime trading routes, for well over a century, singapore was the jewel in britain's empire.

  2. once filled with trading houses and opium dens, chinatown's historic shophouses have been transformed into restaurants, boutique hotels and gift shops.

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歐洲之都經典倫敦 (London Vacation Travel Guide)

歐洲之都經典倫敦 (London Vacation Travel Guide) Image 06:14
  1. growing into one of the great medieval trading cities,

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公民1985 公民覺醒 最後演說

公民1985 公民覺醒 最後演說 Image 39:48
  1. people are also concerned about the service and trading pact recently, whether you approve or disapprove it. but the government signed the agreement surreptitiously. even committee members of kmt are not fully informed about the situation, but the government has forced us to accept it. is there any justice?

  2. did he follow the procedure for the service and trading pact? did he follow the procedure for the nuclear referendum?

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