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  • noun pl. 腳趾;
  • You have very long toes on your feet

TEDx】Amy Purdy--超越極限的生活。

TEDx】Amy Purdy--超越極限的生活。 Image 09:37
  1. from the toes to the ankle

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指環王99秒 Image 01:44
  1. po-ta-toes

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英語中的基本數學詞彙 Image 05:24
  1. fingers, can't use my toes. i don't even have toes.

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【TED-Ed】關於你的DNA (DNA: The book of you - Joe Hanson)

【TED-Ed】關於你的DNA (DNA: The book of you - Joe Hanson) Image 04:29
  1. and toes is toes?

  2. your toes read toes pages,

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  1. Slang for Toronto
    yo where goin to t.o to smoke some weed.
  2. Abbreviation for Toronto, Ontario, Canada. See also [tdot].
    Lucky Dragon has the best General Tso's Chicken in TO.
  3. Gay abbreviation of "too"
    You know what, I do that to!!
  4. Means "the one". Usually referring to a girl you have a crush on.
    Hey i saw your T.O, KS in the cafeteria today.
  5. Terrell Owens, but really totally obnoxious.
    Terrell Owens is T.O. (both definitions).
  6. an obnoxiously talented widereciever currently with the buffalo bills that occasionally throws popcorn into his helmet also 2nd all time in touchdowns behing jerry rice T.O.'s personality was too big for Dallas to handle.
  7. Tits out. Exposing cleavage/breasts in a public situation
    Whoa, Chelsea was so T.O.!
  8. The One
    -You see that girl? Aw man there's something about her i just really like. -Uhh like she's "The One?" -Yea yea like that -Ok well that's corny man, lets just call her your "TO"
  9. Buffalo Bills
    Zach: "Do you know T.O." Bitty: "Hell yeah I had some Terrell O's this morning!" Zach: "Getcha' popcorn ready, he's coming to down. LETS GO BUFFALO!"
  10. 1.A very scary being that haunted the hallways of the YMCA castle in Victorian times. 2. A fictitious myth used to scare the homosexually inclined beings of Liverpool. 3. Chuck Norris's arch enemy. Also known as the incredible fist/SilverSphinctor 4. The leader of the camp squad. Such members include but are not limited to; Elton John, Freddie Mercury and that gay smurf on the smurfs
    "Oh no T.O came to me in my dreams!! "Look at that T.O over there. He's so T.O" "T.O you game?" "T.O is coming hide your men"