• US /ðɛr/
  • UK /ðɛə/
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  • adv. 有; 那裡; 在那裡 ; 有... ; 就在那裡 ; 你聽 ; 你瞧 ; 那裡 ; 那邊 ; 表示失望 ; 滿足時所發 ; 那兒;
  • There are three apples on the table
  • Who do you want to be there in your house with you?
  • That man over there by the tree is my grandfather
  1. a place. NOT a contraction of "they are", or a posessive pronoun.
    They're going to their house, it's over THERE
  2. How the grammatically-challenged spell "they're" or "their."
    There over there, with there friends.
  3. 1. In or at that place or position. 2. A word used incorrectly by internet-folk in exchange for (a)[their] and (b)[they're], because they sound the same when spoken.
    1. He is over there. There you are. 2. (a)There coming over for dinner with (b)there children.
  4. Usually used by illiterate 13 year olds on the net, meaning there's - there is.
    13 year old: OMGZZ THERES A POP UP ON MA PC WOT DO I DO? Person: "There's" 13 year old: LOL WOT DUS DAT MEAN?
  5. Netspeak (read: bastardization) of the words "They're" and "Their".
    There dog likes to watch whenever there having sex.
  6. Tommy Chong definedtherein the 2006 stoner filmEvil Bongas follows: ‘Thereis where you go when you take a big bong hit, man. Ive been there, ha, you dont come back from there. Well I did but, man, I was lucky. Chongs definition oftherecan be expanded to include an unreasonably excessive high, be it from a bong, joint, blunt, bowl or of course the almighty Volcano Vaporizer.
    Slick Kitz: Let's go there. Big B: I was born there, son. I'm never anywhere else.
  7. n. American Indian reservation.
    Bill got a liquor license for his shop down on the Res, and needless to say, he ain't doing too bad! All the casinos are down on the Res.
  8. MMORPG-like online virtual world. Not extremely detailed graphics, but has a lot of stuff to do, like hoverboarding, exploring, paintballing, and chatting.
    "I play There a lot..." "What's your name in There?"
  9. there is not here, but there
    "Woah, is the party here" "No, its not here, its there" "YAY" "I LOVE MUFF OVER THERE"
  10. An alias for orchestra. Orchestra is an enormously disturbing class that shouldn't be said, or even typed. It is such a disgrace to be there.
    Me: ugh we have to go there next! Taylor: aww I don't wanna go there! Me: me neither!! Taylor: there sucks