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  • v. 感謝 ; 謝意 ; 謝辭 ; 謝禮 ; 謝謝;
  • He wants to thank you for your letter

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  1. An expression, derived from thank-you, to express appriciation.
    Hey, thanks for the gift!
  2. How to thank someone who doesn't deserve the 'S' at the end of 'Thanks' or the 'You' at the end of 'Thank you.' A sarcastic 'Thank you'.
    "I moved your car, but it got towed." "Thank."
  3. Something you say when you get something you don't really deserve.
  4. Short for "Thank you". Used to express gratitude to someone for their actions.
    Britta: (conducting marching band) Horns, ready, UP! Everybody: Thanks Britta!
  5. Along with other terms such as thank you, ty, thnx, thanx, and tyvm (The latter 3 being used frequently in chatspeak), a way of showing gratitude for a gift or a favor/service done for you. The shortened form of "Thank you" used in informal situations, such as when talking with close friends or classmates.
    "Hey John, I picked you up a couple of sandwiches and a bottle of Coke for later." "Thanks, Tom."