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abbr.Turks & Caicos Islands特克斯和凱科斯群島;Turks & Caicos Isl


Apo E ε4 can increase plasma total cholestero ( TC ) and low - density lipoprotein cholesterol ( LDL - C ) lev - els , while Apo E ε2 decrease them.
Apo  Eε4等位基因具有升高TC、LDL - C的作用, Apo Eε2等位基因則有降低TC、LDL- C的作用.

These measurements showed that the electronic heat well below Tc was dominated by an exponential dependence.

The serum levels of ApoE, triglyceride ( TG ), total cholesterol ( TC ) were measured.
對AD組 全部樣本和對照組30例的血清ApoE 、 甘油三酯 ( TG ) 、 總膽固醇 ( TC ) 進行定量測定.

Results The TC, TG after treatment were effectively lower than those beforetreatment ( P & lt; 0.01 ).
結果治療后血清膽固醇(TC) 、 甘油三酯 ( TG)明顯降低(P & lt; 0.01 ),且能較好地改善高脂血症患者的臨床癥狀.

Results The TC, TG, LDL - C and FBC were decreased and HDL - C increased after therapy.
結果 治療后血TC 、 TG 、 LDL -C 、FBC水平明顯下降,HDL -C 水平升高.

  1. short for "take care"
    thanks for the info. tc.
  2. An acronym used on forums to mean "topic creator"
    I agree with the TC.
  3. "too cool" usually used sarcastically when describing the upper class populars
    No scott wont be here because he is T C. for us now.
  4. abbreviation for Turd Cutter, refers to an ass, usually a nice tight piece of ass
    Rob was checking out all the hot T.C. at the beach.
  5. take care like t.l.c tender loving care
    hey good speaking to you, t.c x x
  6. a phrase to descirbe something a man called Brian Carey did that is typical of him or his actions something he would do that is "Typical Carey"
    carey shifted a bird the last night and took her jersey as he was leaving the following morning" "sure thats TC"
  7. TC also known as tactical chunder.
    For examples of TC look up [tactical chunder]
  8. Abbreviation for "Tactical Chunder". The process of chundering post-pre-lash and pre-club in order to ensure you see the night through to completion without being a wetter and going home early through sickness.
    Just heading for a cheeky TC before we head out.
  9. the word kids use for rouse hill town centre, a place full of wannabee 'lads' and other bogans from the west. Also filled with sluts who wear their shorts up their ass .
    "let's go down to tc on sat"
  10. verb. to man whore it up
    He was at Sharkey's straight t-c'ing it up with the ladies.