• US /saɪd/
  • UK /saɪd/
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  • v. 側線 ; 旁軌 ; 外牆;
  • n. 一方;一派; (身體的)一側; (性格的)方面; 邊 ; 側面 ; 岸 ; 方面 ; 盡頭 ; 看法 ; 側腹 ; 血統 ; 一頁 ; 擺架子 ; 偏袒 ; 收拾 ; 似的 ; 旁邊 ; 側 ; 測 ; 面 ; 旁 ; 向; (相互對立的)一方;
  • adj. 次要的; 次要的(門等);
  • Barry would side with Diane even if she were wrong
  • Diane was not sure whose side Barry was on
  • Doctor, I have a pain on the left side of my chest
  • Graham had no idea that Karen had an artistic side
  • The side of the table was scratched by the cats
  • Each side of the football game played very well tonight
  • The chef served potatoes as a side dish for the roast beef
  • The band left the building through the side door

安东尼罗宾演讲视频 (Tony Robbins

安东尼罗宾演讲视频 (Tony Robbins Image 34:08
  1. ones especially. or, your kids. or, your relationship with your creator, your spiritual side of

    那些特別。或者,你的孩子。或者,你們的關係 與你的創造者,你的精神的一面
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沒做過這些事,別說你來過首爾! (50 Things to do in Seoul, Korea Travel Guide)

沒做過這些事,別說你來過首爾! (50 Things to do in Seoul, Korea Travel Guide) Image 29:06
  1. if you wander down insadong’s (인사동 - 仁寺洞) side streets and back alleys,

    如果你漫步在仁寺洞的(인사동 - 仁寺洞)一側大街小巷,
  2. um, the rice actually comes here on the side in this separate little bowl.

    嗯,米飯居然來這裡就在身邊 在這個獨立的小碗裡。
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  1. a gay man who does not partake in anal-penetrative sex; a gay man who enjoys all aspects of intercourse with the exception of anal penetration
    Sam: I really like Josh, I think I want to go all the way with him. Nick: Good luck, Josh is a total side.