• US /sɛt/
  • UK /set/
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  • adj. 準備好的;可以使用了的;
  • v. 設定; 確定; 準備;佈置(桌面等); 設定,設置; 凝固,固定的; 為(小說;舞臺等)設置背景; 放置,使處於······位置; 使處於(特定狀態); 落下;
  • n. 集合,一套; 佈景; 阻止對手叫成約定; 收音機;電視機;
  • Harry's farm is all set for the long winter ahead
  • Garry will set his alarm clock before going to bed
  • Fiona set her heart on ordering the fish for dinner
  • Tina set the table for lunch for her family of five
  • They agreed to set the price of the house to half a million dollars
  • Dale finished his model plane and left it to set overnight
  • The romance movie is set in Paris
  • Tom set the tea cup carefully back on the shelf
  • When Frank didn't want to go to school, his father set him straight
  • Greg and Julie held hands as the sun set over the ocean
  • Shannon's father gave her a new chess set for her birthday
  • All of the extras on set were asked to be quiet during filming
  • The tennis champion had not lost a set that day
  • Mother does not like the television set on during dinner
  1. Gang, specifically a subsidiary gang. For example, Piru Bloods is a set of the Bloods Gang.
    Fuck yo' bitch, fuck yo' set.
  2. A set is a specific subdivision of the overall gang.
  3. A term that anyone and everyone can say about anything and everything. Also, a substitute for any desire.
    Damn, she's hot. I want that Set. Fumble! Fumble! Get that Set! "Did you do the homework?" "Aww Set!" "Did they hook up?" "Yeah, he got that Set."
  4. Another way of using the term clique. Sets are hand signs or words used to represent your hood, friends, etc.
    "Throw your mothafuckin' sets up high in the sky."- Lil' Jon
  5. Neighborhood or area that is claimed or represented by a group of people.
    "What set you claim?" "Sursum Cordas nigga!"
  6. a combined stretch of music created by a dj. ussually about an hour to six or even eight hours long. consist of several songs or beats.
    eric's set last night was wack!
  7. The mathematical set is traditionally known as a collection of objects. It is one of the most general and useful structures in mathematics.
    Z = the set of integer numbers... {...-1, 0, 1...} R = the set of real numbers (all non-complex numbers) Let Q be the set of people who understand this definition and let S be the set of people who care about this definition: Q intersect S is simply Q.
  8. A group of friends, a gang, a click
    I stomp on your crew, a clap at your set
  9. when a group of friends get together to chill, drink, smoke and just to have a good time.
    Everybody hit up the set tonight , it's going be plenty to drink and byob.
  10. Where the neighborhood you're from, or where you generally have grip. Usually where you grew up or currently "put it down."
    "The 19th is my set son, I got it locked-down tight." "What set you from?" "They always playin' dice by the lake." "Yhea, that's Rodney's set."