• US /rɪ'tɜ:rn/
  • UK /rɪ'tɜ:n/
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  • v. 擊回; 返回; 回報;報答; 退回; 重新發生;
  • adj. 重複的;
  • n. 退貨; 返回鍵; 收益;利潤; 恢復;
  • Kevin was able to return the ball and win the tennis match
  • Fiona will return from her holiday this evening
  • Lisa promised to return her neighbor's kindness
  • Diane will return the dress because there is a hole in it
  • We will return to the movie after this break
  • The return performance of the play will be on Saturday
  • I’ve come to bring this back as a return because it doesn’t work
  • Wendy finished the email and pressed return to send it
  • The shop owners made a good return on their investment
  • Julie was happy about Greg's return from traveling

_一一一 (Skyline LugeSentosa )

_一一一 (Skyline LugeSentosa ) Image 18:56
  1. hat~ forgot to return...

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【TED-Ed】無限有多大? How Big Is Infinity? - Dennis Wildfogel

【TED-Ed】無限有多大? How Big Is Infinity? - Dennis Wildfogel Image 07:13
  1. and then putting those stones back one by one when the sheep return,

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出神入化 (Now You See Me) 預告片 Trailer

出神入化 (Now You See Me) 預告片 Trailer Image 01:48
  1. and so tonight, we're gonna return some of that money back to you.

    所以今晚, 我們將把部份的錢歸還給你們
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怎麼當英雄? (What Makes a Hero?)

怎麼當英雄? (What Makes a Hero?) Image 04:34
  1. 9:00: return

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傑克:巨人戰紀 (Jack the Giant Slayer ) 預告片 Trailer

傑克:巨人戰紀 (Jack the Giant Slayer ) 預告片 Trailer Image 02:31
  1. our mission is to find and return the princess.

  2. tomorrow, you shall return bellow

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  1. An act of taking merchandise usually stolen back to the store it came from in exchange for cash or a gift card.
    You can only do so many returns in a sixty day period at wal-mart on the same drivers liscence number.Go get a state i.d. card and were back in business.
  2. Scamming money from stores like wal-mart by returning stolen items for cash.
    I put the 20 dollar ratchet in my pocket after i tore off the security bar sticker and walked out.I came back later and said i had gotten the wrong size,and without a receipt exchanged it for a smaller ratchet and was given a receipt.Later i returned the ratchet with the receipt for a cash refund.