• US /prəˈdʌkʃən, pro-/
  • UK /prəˈdʌkʃn/
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  • n. 生產; 生產 ; 製作;
  • The production of tomatoes is simple; just give them lots of sun and water
  • The production of building a tall building is very complex
  • The production of this show is difficult because it is filmed in multiple countries

【生活常識】教你如何修剪蘋果樹 Pruning Apple Trees

【生活常識】教你如何修剪蘋果樹 Pruning Apple Trees Image 06:41
  1. today we're going to prune this fruit tree to improve fruit production. but some people

  2. but this tree, we'll prune for improved fruit production. to do that, we're going to prune

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【生活常識】教你如何種植藍莓 Planting Blueberries

【生活常識】教你如何種植藍莓 Planting Blueberries Image 06:01
  1. we're not asking the plant to put all its energy into fruit production. we want to develop

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寶特瓶的故事 The Story of Bottled Water (2010)

寶特瓶的故事 The Story of Bottled Water (2010) Image 08:04
  1. the problems start here with extraction and production

    然後又出現一個大問題 也就是生命週期的最後階段——廢棄處理
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  1. A picture
    I saw you in my mate's production