Priscilla, Steve , and I often discussed the outline and approach for writing the work.
Priscilla, Steve 和我時常探討寫這部作品的大綱和方法.

Priscilla will come to see you soon.

When Priscilla was a toddler, her parents discovered she had a photographic memory for sound.
當普莉希?剛會走路的時候, 她的父母發現她對聲響的記憶同照相一樣.

Priscilla, you're being altogether too prim and proper.
普麗西拉, 你 真 是一本正經,一板一眼了.

Greet Priscilla and Aquila and the household of Onesiphorus.

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  1. i'm jack otter, editor of, here with priscilla hancock, who is the global fixed income strategist at jpmorgan.

    我是Jack Otter,巴倫週刊的編輯,這是摩根資產管理的環球固定收益策略師Priscilla Hancock。
  2. great insight! thanks so much, priscilla.

    非常棒的見解! 謝謝你,Pricilla。
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  1. a [priscilla] is a girl who usually makes the first move. confident, makes the boys smile and wobble around. known to be the sexiest person you've ever met. [priscilla] is a rare and beautiful name, so the outcome of meeting one is good luck for 740 years. Just get her to fall in love with you and you are the luckiest bastard to walk the earth.
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  2. the maafuckin greatest. (:
    "priscilla is something like a star, when you see her, make a wish."
  3. A Priscilla is very rare like her name. She is a creative person who is very spontanous. She dosn't do what you expect which makes you love her even more. She is very beautifull, sexy, aggrssive, and a whole lot of fun. She brightens up the whole room when she enters. She is not afraid of anything and anyone and can be somewhat frietning.Can be sweet but never get on her badside it is a dark and scary place. She is a slim brunett with tall muscler legs. She is like a lion tamer who will tame and rock your world but it is hard to get to. Snince she tends to gaurds her emotions and is not conidered to be a love sick puppy like most gils. But if you stay loyal, constantly compliment, and if you hapen to acually overpower her she will be yours for a life time!
    1.Who said the blunt statement, I like lolipops? Oh it was a priscilla. 2.Priscilla kind of scares me but I like that alot. 3. I am a Priscilla!(really I am) 4. I never met anyone like a Priscilla.
  4. A Priscilla is a very sweet loving and beautiful woman. the greatest person youll ever know. a very rare name but easy to say. Easy to love. a nurturer. but very guarded at first. Shell be your knight in shining armour. RAWR!!!! is her favorite word lol will take you on trips to the moon in bed
    oh my god you just met a PRISCILLA
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  6. Many words come to mind but only few can be chosen to describe a Priscilla. Intelligent. Elegant. Gorgeous. Funny. She has a beautiful laugh that will keep you awake at night. a precious personality. a face that will stay in your mind for the rest of your life. A mellifluous voice. beautiful brown/black hair. Strong. Kind. Serious. Loving. Independent. Faithful. Down right sexy. A Priscilla is a man's dream woman. Her attention can be hard to get but if you get her to fall in love with you, please don't be stupid and let her get away. Priscilla's love attention but not in a bad way. not super high maintenance but should be treated like a queen to make up for the loyalty and love she provides. show her that you care because if you ignore her she will feel hurt and unwanted and eventually she will move on So don't treat her like shit. If a man is willing to treat her right and make her laugh and please her in every way, he will find happiness. She is also a party animal. The life of the party. Usually a very nice girl but when she gets wild at a party. Just another plus to the big win.
    Jay- I've found my Priscilla! I'm set for life. Andy- [Lucky] SOB!!!!!!!
  7. a beautiful, big eyed female with alot of kindness and better then alot of females i know. she s outstanding and knows how to make me feel better. i love her soo much nd she means alot to me =] <3 wait remember she is also pretty nd nice nd sweet nd caring nd loving!
    priscilla: gordita pero bonita
  8. Priscilla (n.): This Gorgeous Goddess of Spirituality and Love is a rare being to be privileged enough to encounter. Her Flyin tight curves and sweet mellow words will make anyones heart beat louder. But dont let her Kittenish playful innocent ways fool youmake sure to be real with her because her deep sea green eyes will see right through you. Pricillas glamorous style and natural beauty makes her powerfully mysterious and fascinating. If she happens to walk into your life prepare to thank the stars for your fortunate stroke of serendipity. Shes a keeper but to keep her you better know exactly how to treat such a treasure.
    "I just met a Priscilla, YESS!"
  9. A Priscilla will drive you crazy, making you think of ways to keep her attention. Priscilla has eyes as endless as the Ocean and a smile that lights up your life. Priscilla has a scent which stays with you until you see her again. She will always be the center of attention. Priscilla wants a man who is confident, and secure of himself. She loves the outdoor, loves danger and adventure. You don't find a Priscilla, she selects you, if you were lucky enough to get picked, good luck keeping her. Priscilla is what God placed on earth to remind us humans what Goddess look like.
  10. priscilla- is a beautiful loving person you'll ever meet. she is a brown eyed girl that could just steal you heart when she looks at you. she is a stronge girl so you woukdn,t wanna get on he bad side. she,ll do any thing for her friends and i mean any thing. she found the love of her life 4 months ago and they've been together even sence. so that means if you get her she'll be with you for a long time. if you care for her, like her mostly for her and not her body, don't treat her like she means nothing, and loves her to death then shes all yours!
    i love that girl named priscilla!