• US /ˈpætən/
  • UK /'pætn/
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  • n. 範本;典範; 圖案;花樣; 模範 ; 模型 ; 雛型 ; 款式 ; 一件衣料 ; 靶上的彈痕 ; 檢驗圖 ; 仿造 ; 做式樣 ; 型式 ; 圖案 ; 模形 ; 程式 ; 範 ; 方式 ; 規率 ; 模 ; 式 ; 訓 ; 樣;
  • v. 仿造;
  • If you want to make this dress then you will need to follow the pattern
  • The pattern on her dress was floral and very pretty
  • There seems to be a pattern to his behaviour, and it’s not good
  • Can you pattern these on the plates we saw in the museum?

安东尼罗宾演讲视频 (Tony Robbins

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  1. happen" or "forget it"? how many have a voice that sometimes interrupts that good pattern?

    發生“或”算了吧“?有多少有發言權 有時中斷的良好格局?
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【TEDx】Brene Brown: 脆弱的力量 TEDxHouston - Brené Brown

【TEDx】Brene Brown: 脆弱的力量 TEDxHouston - Brené Brown Image 20:45
  1. at first in this very intense, four day long analysis, where i went back and pulled all these interviews, stories asking - "what's the theme? what's the pattern?"

    一開始在這個非常緊張的,長達四天的分析中,我回過頭來,把所有這些採訪、故事都拉出來問--"主題是什麼?""模式是什麼? 什麼是模式?"
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【每天更聰明】慢動作看繩捲現象 Amazing Honey Coiling High Speed Video! - Smarter Every Day 53 Image 05:18
  1. you'll go from a steady state coil to some erattic figure eight pattern or something stranger

    你會從一個穩定的狀態線圈到一些 erattic數字8模式或一些更奇怪的東西。
  2. is varying wildly, but it seems to have some sort of pattern but we don't know why.

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  1. To make a plan or model used as a guide for doing other things
    Let's make a design pattern for this project.