• US /ˈnʌθɪŋ/
  • UK /'nʌθɪŋ/
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  • n. 微不足道的事; 沒有;
  • pron. 什麼事也沒有 ; 無 ; 空瑣事 ; 無價的東西 ; 不足取的人 ; 毫不 ; 絕不 ; ...也不 ; 沒有什麼 ; 沒甚麼 ; 蔑;
  • There is nothing left here for her to do so she's going back home
  • Seven minus seven is nothing
  • Mike, there’s nothing to eat in the fridge, we need to go shopping
  1. Actually means "something," but is used when you don't feel like explaining.
    Hey, whatcha doin'? (clearly working on something complex and important) Nothing.
  2. Nothing was once questioned by a great mind. Is it the "prescense of abscence or the abscense of prescense"? Furthermore, what is the sound of one hand clapping? What is out there in the universe, at what makes up those vast spaces of abscense? (or prescense of abscense) Nothing, put simply, is the deepest, shallowest, brightest, darkest, widest, thinnest, and incomprehensibly empty emptyness, so empty that it is only prevented from collapsing upon itself because there is no substance to collapsae in upon, or no substance to do the collapsing, or even any substance to think or daydream about collapsing upon abscense of prescense or prescense of abscense, which is still utterly and completely absent of form and shape and mass and prescense that is abscent from the existance of anything. In short, nothing is the total, absolute, final, and complete spot that is both positive and negative, young and old, and to sum it all up the opposite of everything in existance, for there is no existance in nothingness. It has even been thought that nothingness itself doesn't even exist, and that the existance of nothingness is so impossibly ludicrous and isnane that if anyone were to actually realize or see nothingness, the entirety of the expanse of the Everything would simply vaporize, leaving even more nothingness in its place. Nothingness is nothing, to put it simply. (really, this time)
    Nothingness has only been explained correctly by Zen Buddhists: " "
  3. It is mightier than God, more evil than the Devil, dumber than George W. Bush, uglier than Paris Hilton, the poor have it, the rich lack it, and if you eat it for too long, you will die. Large amounts of it are found in the heads of politicians and the purses of pupils, students, single mothers and pensioners.
    Example for nothing:
  4. everything when somebody says nothing is wrong it means everything is wrong
    boy:whats wrong you look sad? girl: nothing (<--liar)
  5. All that is left when there is no love
    I am nothing; there is nothing; nothing means anything without you. What else have i thought of all year: Nothing What else interests me anymore: Nothing What used to have meaning, now means: Nothing What do i have to look forward to now that you have made me completely random: Nothing but pain and emptiness. There is nothing but love Its up your bum, cant you feel it?
  6. What a guy says when he knows what he's pissed off about is stupid, knows it will sound stupid coming out of his mouth, but can't quickly get over it.
    Whats wrong? "nothing...I said nothing....leave me alone dammit, you caring about whats wrong with me is whats wrong"
  7. When uttered by a female it means "I'm gonna see how many times you ask and beg for an answer...then I might tell you..maybe."
    Guy: "What's wrong?" Girl: "Nothing." Guy: "There has to be something..." Girl: "No, really, I'm fine." Guy: "Okay suit yourself." Result: Poor guy's sleeping on the couch that night. Shoulda forced the answer out of her. Sucks, but true.
  8. Nothing is a term used to say that something is not physicly existant. Why is this definition more accurate? Because we can't just say its "no thing", otherwise it makes no sense that its a noun, since a noun is a person place or thing. Nothing is a thing - just not physical. As nothing is a logical idea, it is indeed a thing in a logical sense.
    I can see nothing, but I can't be nothing.
  9. What happens when you tickle a DEAD girl's feet!!
    I tickled the feet of a dead hot chic in hopes of resurrecting her, but since nothing happened (except that I got a hard-on), I went ahead with passionately kissing her, rubbing her crotch, and so on...
  10. You. Everything you do/have done/will do.
    "Speak to me Sarah. What's wrong now?" "Nothing."