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  1. a mispronounced [last name].
    teacher: is billy [maas] here today? (maas pronounced like mass) [bertha]: its billy [mAAs]. (pronounced like [moss])
  2. Mother in [Indian] [Language] Specially in [Bengali]
    Amar Maa [Shob] [Cheye] [Bhalo]
  3. [Mother].
    Anandmayi [maa] is the [universal] [mother].
  4. Acronym for "[mad annoying] asian". Any person of [asian descent] that pisses [you off].
    "[Yo], that [maa] is [pissin] me off!"
  5. Used to express [dissatisfaction] or [boredom]. [This sucks].
    [Maa]...i just want to [get this] [paper] over with!
  6. A [response] to any open [ended] question [referencing] the person who is asking the questions' mother. Usually used in a derogatory manner"
    " [Wew], [what's that] huge bird over there ?" "[YA MAA]"
  7. It [literally] means "With [peace]". It is used to say good [bye].
    Ma'a Salama