• US /loˈdʒɪstɪk/
  • UK /lə'dʒɪstɪkl/
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  • adj. 推理的;計算的;後勤學的;後勤學者;
  • It will take many months of logistic planning to organize a class party at the end of the school year

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  1. the transportation and shipment of goods
    Instead of saying I was a paperboy I said I was in media logistics for 5 years, so I got the job as C.E.O.
  2. something dumbasses don't pay attention to when they buy a vehicle that 'needs work' on ebay
    Marshall should have worked out the logistics before he bought that fucking broken Cadillac.
  3. Logistics is a Drum and Bass producer originating from the UK. He is signed to the label Hospital Records and has had two albums out on it. He is known for incorporating disco and funk sounds into his music which he makes with the club in mind but also for the home listening audience.
    Logistics' albums: Now More Than Ever Reality Checkpoint
  4. A conveniently general scapegoat.
    Sorry we couldn't get it to you on time, it's simply a question of logistics.