IPA [li:]
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abbr.Liechtenstein 列支敦斯登;


By use of a modified BFGS formula proposed by Li-Fukushima (2001), Li-Qi(2003)proposed a MBFGS-trust region method.

The ΔG■ of absent LiFePO4and Li3PO4in Li-Fe-P-H2Osystem were esti mated by congeneric linearityrule.

Objective To compare the risk factors for hemorrhagic compartment syndrome (HL) and lacunar infarct (LI) .

Methods:30 rats were divided into three groups randomly:LI,KI and KIO3 guoup.
方法 :將低碘wistar大鼠30只隨機分為3組。 低碘組 (LI) ,碘化鉀組 (KI) ,碘酸鉀組 (KIO3)。

Stellar activity and Li abundance dispersion at fixed color are revised for Pleiades stars.

  1. AOL instant messanger slang. How many times a day do you typically type the word "lol" when you are not actually laughing out loud? Even if you do this once, you are a liar, you're lying to yourself, and to your friends who think they've made you laugh. Instead, be true to yourself and your friends, and type "li" which means you are laughing on the inside, and that's all your friends need to hear to know that they still have a half decent sense of humor
    friend: why is 6 afraid of 7? me: I don't know friend: because 7 8 9! Me: li
  2. A very common last name for Chinese people. Pronounced as "Lee". Only dumbasses pronounce it as "lie". It's also written as "Li3" in Chinese pinyin, not fricken Lee. Some people spell it Lee because of the retards out there saying it wrong.
    Bruce Lee (Li), Jet Li, Li Zilong
  3. (n.) The cool and tough kid of the block.
    Watch out for that Li. She is out of our league.
  4. An abbreviation for Long Island, NY.
    Yo, I can't wait to go out to LI in the summertime.
  5. Laughing inside. Polar opposite of LOL.
    MK: "LOL" MD:"that was actually an LI"
  6. Laughing Internally. Used when texting/chatting online and someone says something kinda funny but not funny enough to make you laugh out loud for real so you type LI instead!
    Person #1: Hey, did you see that old man @ the store today?? Person #2: Yeah his pants were really up high. LI
  7. li is a funny and beautiful person. Sexy and great in bed. A great kisser when not intoxicated. A great friend. li will go out of her way to help you with problems your having first.
    Oh shit, it's li! Move, li coming through! Hey, thanks li!
  8. the [Eph Eph] term describing a winkey face in other words (;
    E: wow this is a crunk cup, whats [Li] Y: its a winkey face E: *turns crunk cup sideways* oooooh