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廣播電影院(Lux Radio Theater: Alice Adams (January 3, 1938))

廣播電影院(Lux Radio Theater: Alice Adams (January 3, 1938)) Image 59:40
  1. allude to come right kim mistrustful i missed of adam's i'm so glad to receive

    暗示來對金不信任我 亞當的錯過了,我很高興接受
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【TED】Hyeonseo Lee: 我的北韓逃亡記 (My escape from North Korea | Hyeonseo Lee)

【TED】Hyeonseo Lee: 我的北韓逃亡記 (My escape from North Korea | Hyeonseo Lee) Image 12:16
  1. in school, we spent a lot of time studying the history of kim il-sung, but we never learned much about the outside world, except that america, south korea, japan are the enemies.

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世界歷史:古埃及 (Ancient Egypt: Crash Course World History #4)

世界歷史:古埃及 (Ancient Egypt: Crash Course World History #4) Image 11:55
  1. akehenaten was kind of the kim jong il of ancient egypt, like he had this feared police

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【TED】Rory Sutherland :一個廣告人的生命啟示

【TED】Rory Sutherland :一個廣告人的生命啟示 Image 16:40
  1. by kim jong il on how to get teens smoking again.

    金正日(Kim Jong II)談論如何能讓青少年再度吸煙。
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現實中的「實習大叔」!Google 實習生的生活 (The real Google interns' first week)

現實中的「實習大叔」!Google 實習生的生活 (The real Google interns' first week) Image 05:51
  1. my name is kim day.

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婚禮歌曲 'My Wedding Speech' - captioned/transcribed for deaf people

婚禮歌曲 'My Wedding Speech' - captioned/transcribed for deaf people Image 14:41
  1. kim's profiteroles are the best that i've had.

  2. so, kim thanks for being the best mum-in-law in town.

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  1. adorable.
    kim is adorable.
  2. The only woman that will bring chuck norris to his knees
    Chuck Norris does not kneel, he bows to kim.
  3. Kim's are normally really hot woman. They have smoking bodies and are drop-dread gorgeous. They are also very sweet, and make amazingly supportive, perfect girlfriends, not to mention a hot body! They are completely adorable, but often get mistreated or understood by men. There hot body often make them very attractive, and most are blonde and complete sweeties. All boys want a kim, because they are are so fucking sexy.
    jon: That girl is so sexy, she is such a kim Matt: Yeah, i really wanna fuck her Jon: Nah, I want her as my girlfriend Matt: you will have to fight me first
  4. Like fire; always hot and fiery, with the ability to melt you in seconds. Watch out for this one.
    Kim; Sexual
  5. Gutsy, determined and is incredibly loyal to those she loves. A beautiful woman. Fun loving and people love to be with her. Imaginative, creative and thoughtful.
    [Gutsy] [Kim]
  6. She's the girl you always go back to. She's totally her own person, and sometimes people use that against her, but Kim has that fire that just intimidates. She's got those eyes that can seduce you in one glance, or break your heart with a single glare. She's a brunette with an ass that you wanna grab onto for days. She's always bringing fun wherever she goes, yet you'll never find a girl more laid back. She's sexy without even trying, and her personality is just as beautiful. If you manage to find her, she's a keeper.
    Him: God fucking damn it, there's Kim.
  7. A smart, awesome girl who will be a loyal, great, and sweet friend. She'll trust you completely and you can trust her. She's smart but too trusting with people who will use her or be mean to her. She is very kind. Kims are very pretty but are humble and don't show off. A Kim will fall in love with someone and obsess over them and never want to let them go even when the person moves to Colorado. A kim is a great girl. She'll be your BFF once you get through her shyness.
    Girl: You're so great Kim! Boy: God, I like Kim. But all she ever does is follow Brett around. Teacher: Isn't Kim great? She's so smart and doesn't drive me nuts.
  8. to pull a maneuver of EPIC proportions, usually resulting in greatness.
    I just pulled a kim
  9. the most ammmmmazzzazzing girl ever!!! and i lurve hers.
    she's such a kim
  10. The only woman who will bring Chace Crawford, Ed Westwick, Aaron Johnson, Adam Brody, Ashton Kutcher, Tom Cruise, and Zac Efron to their knees.
    All hot men likes a Kim.