• US /hɚ, ɚ,hɚr/
  • UK /hə(r)/
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  • pron. 對她 ; 於她 ; 她的 ; 她 ; 其 ; 之 ; 亓;
  • Helen could not find her book bag
  1. THE girl. The one you will never get, get back, or ever forget. The girl that you will stay up all night for just so she doesn't haunt your dreams. The girl you will always remember.
    I still see her in my dreams.
  2. 1. the woman, i.e. your master 2. the mistress, i.e. the unspeakable 3. your wife - a combination of the prior two 4. the love of your life - usage rare and very infrequent. usually they have beautiful names spoken breathily.
    i have to go now, it's her on the phone. i have to go to her place with a dozen long stemmed roses and a quart of ice cream.
  3. Term expressing disapproval of a family member or friend's significant other. Popularized by the TV show "Arrested Development."
    Dan: So, I'm going out with Jess now. Me: Her? George Michael: We can double-date. You and Sally, and me and Ann. Michael: Who? George Michael: Ann. Michael: Yes...Of course I know Ann. I didn't mean 'who,' I meant...her?
  4. Her or H.E.R. was a term used in the song by Common called 'I Use to Love H.E.R.(1994)' The term H.E.R. in the song refers to hip-hop or "Hearing Every Rhyme" or "Hip Hop in its Essence and Real." The idea of her is an attempt to personify hip-hop and describing it in how she (hip-hop) changed from a once glorious respectable woman to someone looking to make a quick buck by any means. The idea was that it changed from a falling of conscious to people just doing it to make money and glorifying a 'thug' life.
    Once the man got to her, he altered the native Told her if she got an image and a gimmick Then she could make some money, and did it like a dummy(...) -I Use to Love H.E.R. - Common
  5. When you hate a certain person, specifically a woman, you refer to them as a "Her" so nobody knows who you are talking about besides your friends.
    OMG, I just saw Her drive by!
  6. also reffering to a place
    "Lets go ther and have some fun" "Nah im havin fun right her"
  7. The name that the band [HIM] had to go under when releasing the album Razorblade Romance in the USA, as there was already a band of that name there. However they reached a settlement and HIM are now legally allowed to go under that name in the USA. Often associated with obsessive fan and Jackass/MTV star [Bam Margera]
    "Hey man, HER are amazing aren't they?" "I think you mean HIM, they can be called that here now" "Thats good."
  8. last name of a hmong family; also spelt as herr; spelt hawj in hmong language
    Danny Her, john her
  9. n. A noun used usualy to refer to a crush that you seemingly can't get out of your mind, that is wonderful, but you either can't work up the courage to ask her out or you know you'll never have her. You'll often refer to 'her' in your Facebook status (see example). You probably spend your day dreaming about her as well. It could also be the name of an understood person that only your closest friends would know who you are talking about.
    Facebook status: I just cant stop thinking about her. --- I think I am in love with her. Alternate use: Hanging out with her at the movies.