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  1. [a dumb] [person]
    [hen hen] is [dumb]
  2. A given name mostly used in [Germany] and [Scandinavia]. If your name is Henning, you're probably extremly hot and incredibly [good in bed].
    [Have you ever] had a Henning before? No? You're [missing out]...
  3. A [scottish] term for a female. Postive [connotation]. Usually an older people say it to [youths].
    "[How you] daein, hen?"
  4. A group of women talking and laughing which sounds very much like a [gathering] of [hens]. Similar sounds can be heard on the television show "[the view]"
    You can hear those [hens] in the breakroom down the hall. What is so funny? [The View] is on again. Those [cackling hens] need a life!
  5. hen is an alternative term for a [trans girl's] cock. (From the fact that [a rooster] is a cock, while a female [chicken] is a hen.)
    She was [playing] with her hen all [last night].
  6. [En] [st]æ[rk] joint.
    For satan en [henning] vi [fik] os, det er lige så mit [fjs falder af.
  7. [Hennessy] (an [alcoholic] [beverage])
    [My friends] [brought] a [bottle] of Hen to the party.
  8. A term used by [pre-op] male to female [trans] people to describe their penis. Used to avoid genital [dysphoria].
    Partner: You want me to suck your dick? Trans Person: Please don't call it a dick, I prefer [hen]. And [fuck yes] [suck this] hen
  9. A female bird, especially the [adult] female of the [domestic] [fowl].
    [Hey look]. A [hen].
  10. One [eighth] of an [ounce] of marijuana. As in short for Henry [The Eighth]
    "[Hey] [Tom] can you [pick me up] a hen"