Harriet: Hi, this is Harriet . I was wondering if Luke has returned.
海倫: 資訊部, 我是海倫.

Leo: I hope not. Thank you, Harriet.
里歐: 希望不會. 謝謝你, 哈瑞特.

President Bush has ordered his former White House counsel Harriet Miers to defy a congressional subpoena.

Harriet: See? Everyone's done it. Just forgive and forget.
哈里特: 是吧? 大家都做過了. 就忘記並原諒吧.

Before she grew old, aunt Harriet used to entertain lavishly.
在她年邁之前, 哈麗特姑母家中常常大宴賓客.

【TED】 Kevin Bales: 如何戰勝現代奴隸制度 (Kevin Bales: How to combat modern slavery)

【TED】 Kevin Bales: 如何戰勝現代奴隸制度 (Kevin Bales: How to combat modern slavery) Image 20:34
  1. about, "wow. what would it be like to meet harriet tubman?

    親眼見到Harriet Tubman是甚麼感覺?【本為美國黑奴,逃脫後幫助數百名黑奴祕密逃亡。】
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【The School of Life】文學:珍.奧斯汀 (LITERATURE - Jane Austen)

【The School of Life】文學:珍.奧斯汀 (LITERATURE - Jane Austen) Image 07:03
  1. swept away by emma's excessive praise, harriet turns down an offer of marriage from a farmer

  2. then the vicar turns out to be horrified at emma's idea and harriet has her heart broken.

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  1. Meaning a wonderful girl in all senses. Perfect [girlfriend] and perfect friend.
    wow, you really are a harriet!
  2. Any sexy Asian woman. Has to be sexy. Other wise she's not a "Harriet"
    There are not too many sexy women I know named Harriet, but today I met a sexy Asian lady named Harriet, so therefore Harriet is now a sexian Asian woman
  3. a very sexy girl, with a high sex-drive, and a high intelligence.
    I want my girlfriend to be a harriet
  4. a sexy beast who will make horny faces when she sees you. she's great in bed and doesn't bother with protection, she just wants your babies.
    'geeez, did you see that girl making sexual faces at me?' 'yeah, shes such a harriet'
  5. Lovely, kind person who everyone loves :)
    "Shes so nice, i think i should call her Harriet :)"
  6. An amazing, funny, kind person with beautiful big eyes. They are generous, and brutally honest. very intelligent and good at everything. very witty and creative but sometimes afraid to show their feelings. an amazing lover and girlfriend :)
    wow that girl is amazing! Yeea she s a Harriet
  7. She's beautiful, kind and warm. To be around her is like being around magic, you feel a glow inside, a touch or a smile can give you a rush like no other. She doesn't realise how incredible she is, her brains and wit can bring a smile to your face even in the darkest of times. If you're lucky enough ever to hold Harriet in your arms, you'll know what I know, she's an actual angel! I love Harriet x xxxx xxx
    "Harriet is my one"
  8. A completely amazing girl, who is very beautiful and the sexiest chick you will ever meet. Wife material.
    Boy 1: Dude, I met a Harriet last night Boy 2: I'm fucking jealous man!
  9. adj; a i) perfect entirely without fault or defect; [flawless] ii) satisfactory in every respect b i) lacking in no essential detail; [complete] ii) absolute or utter n.; harrietness
    a i) "Why can't you be more harriet?" ii) "She's so harriet" b i) "This is harriet" ii) "I can't believe it, it's so harriet"
  10. a beautiful young girl loved by all but most of all her boyfriend! harriet means everything to him! Nothing can ever change what she means to him because he loves her so much hed die for her...her boyfriend was sad and alone before he met harriet but now hes on top of the world because he has a beautiful girlfriend - harriet- he never wants to lose her because shes everything to him!
    Wow Jons going out with Harriet! Boy hes lucky shes beautiful!