• US /ˈhæmˌbɚɡ, ˈhɑmˌbʊrɡ, -ˌbʊrk/
  • UK /ˈhæmbə:ɡ/
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  • other 德國北部的易北河港口;人口1,754,200(估計2006)。它是由查理曼大帝(Charlemagne)於9世紀建立的,現在是德國最大的港口。; 紐約州西部的一個城鎮,位於布法羅以南;人口55,868(est。2008)。;

世界文化遺產-德國篇 (World Heritage Sites in Germany)

世界文化遺產-德國篇 (World Heritage Sites in Germany) Image 04:38
  1. with the three wadden sea national parks in germany: in lower saxony, schleswig-holstein and hamburg.

    德國還建了 3 座瓦登海國家公園,分別是在下薩克森邦,什勒斯維希-霍爾斯坦邦以及漢堡。
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【基礎英文】別懷疑!這些常用英文單字都不是源自英文! (Learn Vocabulary: English words that come from other languages)

【基礎英文】別懷疑!這些常用英文單字都不是源自英文! (Learn Vocabulary: English words that come from other languages) Image 14:12
  1. the country germany there is a place called hamburg, and the hamburger wasn't served on

  2. use a bun. in hamburg, they had the patty, the beef patty, and they would eat it that

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January 15, 2016 - CNN Student News with subtitle

January 15, 2016 - CNN Student News with subtitle Image 10:01
  1. one serious orchestra, and space in the sky near the german city of hamburg.

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  1. Coolest, most inspiring and stylish city in the world, situated in the north of Germany by the river Elbe. Home to many great musicians and artists, the rise of the Beatles, the "Reeperbahn" (yes, with all its sex-shops and easy girls in buffer jackets), the prettiest harbour and most important, its wonderful and unique people.
    "Although Hamburg is jokingly said to be the birthplace of the Hamburger, this might just be a myth. But the beef patties a German immigrant from Hamburg sold in the 1850s in New York allegedly were named after that Hamburgian butcher and then became a generic term, so the myth goes."
  2. The best place to live in boring germany. An ancient harbor city, where u can party almost every day. It´s quite clean, diverse, polite and open to anyone from anywhere. Just grab an Astra-Beer and have a seat at the bar. Overall a tolerant place, where the cops don´t bother peaceful potheads while on patrol. Famous Reeperbahn redlight-district included.
    "Hamburg meine Perle, Du wunderschoene Stadt!"
  3. City State; A diverse mixture of cultures in the North of Germany with more millionaires per capita than any other city in Germany. It is a unique wonderland with a reputation for shit weather and constant wind. The police in Hamburg have leather jackets, making them tougher and [uber cool]. The biggest cemetery in Europe is in Hamburg, with it's own dedicated bus service. Famous and well known for many things, including: [Sankt Pauli], the Beatles, and Gina Wild; Some German rap stars have originated and reside within Hamburg. A media centre. Many homeless people live in Hamburg.
    Q: Where were the Beatles first established as a popular band? a=They started in Hamburg on their journey of world domination. Q: What are hamburgers, the food item, named after? a=not Hamburg. Q: Why do people say Hamburg isn't the best? a=they are in denial, or jealous, or both. Cops with leather jackets, Mann! Who wouldn't be jealous of that?
  4. Abbreviation for "Hamburger," used almost exclusively in the United States Northeast, Central Atlantic, Ohio, and Michigan.
    School Lunch Menu: Hamburg, Cheeseburg, Hash Browns, Fruit