• US /ˈfæktɚ/
  • UK /'fæktə(r)/
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  • n. 要素 ; 係數 ; 率 ; 因子 ; 代理商 ; 批發商 ; 代辦人 ; 分解為因數 ; 因素 ; 條件;
  • v. 應收賬款保理; 因子;
  • An important factor in life is the education received in school
  • When they factor in the cost of gas and hotels, they realize it is cheaper to fly than drive
  • If you factor fifteen, you'll find the numbers one and fifteen, and three and five

從科學角度看蜘蛛人! The Science of Superheroes - SPIDER-MAN

從科學角度看蜘蛛人! The Science of Superheroes - SPIDER-MAN Image 02:19
  1. in this way, the strength of an organism increases as a square, or by 2 on the scale factor.

  2. but as organisms get bigger, their volume increases in height, width and length, as a cube, or a 3 on the scale factor.

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四分鐘帶你揭開聖誕老公公身世小故事! (A Brief History of Santa)

四分鐘帶你揭開聖誕老公公身世小故事! (A Brief History of Santa) Image 03:55
  1. while this would be the most diplomatic option for santa, magnetic north has since moved off the polar ice sheet and into the ocean, a rather inconvenient place to set up a toy factor.

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三個你找不到工作的原因 (3 Reasons You Can't Find a Job)

三個你找不到工作的原因 (3 Reasons You Can't Find a Job) Image 02:49
  1. each of these three reasons has one factor in common: government.

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  1. a word usually added to another word in suffix form, to describe how that person or thing is a significant (and often positive) aspect of the "bigger picture".
    [Chicago Bulls] fans can thank the Jordan-factor for enabling that team to win their NBA titles during the '90s. The new 300 is one of the fastest production cars on the road these days due to the [hemi]-factor.
  2. someone thats a real playa, hustla, gansta, it refers to someone crucial to the game and if removed a drought might occur
    I wouldnt mess with them, they some factors and have ghetto ties
  3. Term used to rate an attractive woman inconspicously through a system ranging from 1 to 5 (with halves still applicable). 5 is the highest rating given to near perfection, wheras 1 is so inconsequential that it is not worth mentioning. The rate of 2.5 is given to a female that is attractive enough to hook up with while drunk, a 3 is a fairly attractive woman that is pleasant. Basic rules of the factor system are: 1. You don't tell the female what her factor number is 2. You don't rate your friends girlfriend or wife to his face 3. You don't take personality into account, it's solely based on looks
    1. Oliva Munn is a factor 5. 2. It's getting late and the bars about to close, I'll take that factor 2.5 home