• US /draɪv/
  • UK /draɪv/
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  • n. 推動力; 動機; 驅趕;趕走(動物); 電腦硬盤; 旅行; 驅動引擎; 擊出高爾夫球; (私人住宅的)車道;
  • v. 驅趕;趕走; 駕駛; 使...做出; 使(引擎)發動; 擊球; 把(釘;樁等)打入;
  • She has the drive to succeed as a writer
  • The farmer needs to do one drive a day to get all the cows into his farm land
  • Click on the drive and look for a text file
  • The family took a long drive across the whole country
  • When the gas burns, it provides drive to the engine, and the car moves
  • He won the golf game with his last drive. After that the putts were easy
  • Could you check if the car is still in the drive?
  • Help your brother drive all the cattle to the other field
  • I will drive my car to your house tomorrow
  • Hi jokes drive me to tears
  • Winds drive these windmills to produce electricity
  • Most new golf players cannot even drive a ball properly
  • You have to drive the metal into the wall

安东尼罗宾演讲视频 (Tony Robbins

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  1. put it around the elephant's neck, and they drive this stake into the ground. i mean,

    把它掛在大象的脖子,他們 推動本次股權到地面。我是說,
  2. they put a big rope around it, and they drive this huge stake in the ground. the elephant

    他們把大繩周圍,和他們駕駛 在地面上這個巨大的股權。大象
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最討厭塞車!到底塞車是從哪台車開始的呢? (The Simple Solution to Traffic)

最討厭塞車!到底塞車是從哪台車開始的呢? (The Simple Solution to Traffic) Image 05:14
  1. but we can make traffic snakes less likely by changing the way we drive.

  2. humans will never drive this precisely.

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愛上台灣 (Falling in Love with Taiwan)

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  1. to ride in a car while someone else drives
    Person in car: I'm driving to the office right now, but I can't talk. I have to finish typing up this report. Person on phone: While you're driving? Person in car: Well I'm not DRIVE driving; I'm just driving.
  2. to have sex with
    I wanted to drive that chick all night.
  3. when you talk about a person or something they have on.
    Everybody is going to drive you if you come to school with your hair not combed.
  4. to use, make use of, apply
    Drive a computer, drive silverware, drive a a swimsuit
  5. Your over all mojo at any differnt moment
    damn i lost my drive