• US /kən,kæn/
  • UK /kæn/
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  • aux. 可以;能夠;
  • v. 能夠;可以; 可能可以; 把(食品等)裝罐;
  • n. (保存食物用)金屬罐;
  • Can you speak English?
  • Can I use your phone? I left mine in my room
  • Can you come to the party on Saturday?
  • I bought a book on how to can vegetables
  • I have a can of food, but it’s not enough for two
  1. tits, boobs, knockers, etc. makes me want to whack my meat
  2. Slang for headphones.
    I recently bought a set of Koss cans, they are more than adequate.
  3. The female ass; normally referred to in this fashion in terms of ramming a bitch from behind.
    Ah yeah, last night I boffed her can all night long.
  4. (1)(n) Bathroom (2)(n) Jail, overnight clink or holding cell (3)(n) Buttocks (4)(vb) To stop doing something; to fire or get rid of someone
    (1) Hold on a minute, I gotta visit the can (2) They threw the poor homeless guy in the can for pissing in the park. (3) Sgt: Get off your cans and start policing this area (4) They won't can me; I'm the only one who knows what's going on in this place.
  5. Someone's ass.
    "She has a big can...Sir Mix-a-Lot would like her..."
  6. A competitor who is set up against a stronger opponent to make a certian competitor look better and/or gain a better record. Popular method of building fighters in boxing/kickboxing and mixed martial arts.
    "That fighter isn't all that good even with a 10-0 record because he only fought cans. I'll wait and judge him when he fights a good opponent."
  7. Tits, hooters
    From the movie Bachelor Party: "Look at the cans on that bimbo!"
  8. The "can" is an inferior fighter or player (often an unknown or one with a poor record) that is set against the favorite solely for the purpose of losing and making the latter look good. Comeback fights are often against cans.
    I'm not going to bother watching the Crocop fight, he's up against some can and it's only going to last 30 seconds.
  9. Large headphones usually circumaural in design, mostly worn by audiophiles.
    These cans sound amazing
  10. slang for [tits] or [boobies]
    She's got some nice cans.