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  1. She is the girl who everyone loves. She has the most amazing personality and she is [a true friend], she's not someone you would EVER want to lose. Nobody dislikes her unless she decides to dislike them first. She has the hottest guy in school [wrapped around her finger] and she is amazing at anything she puts her mind to! She is hilarious and even the teachers want her attention. She has bigger dreams for herself than the small town she lives in. She stays out of drama but remains the center of attention, she is the true [IT girl].
    Girl1: [I wish] I was Bess, she has everything. Girl2: [Everybody] [wishes] they were Bess, thats just life.
  2. Slang for Boss. An [accolade] and [honorable] statement [between friends].
    [Oliver]: I got a [20] kill-streak in that last game [Sam]: You're a Bess!
  3. [sort of] like [best]...but [better] :)
    Me and [Kayla] are [bess] [friends forever].
  4. The hottest hottie of all time, usually seen with [the stud] [Colin] or maybe looking fine at the local [Krystal].
    [Man], she's [hot] but [not as] hot as Bess.
  5. Insane [firewall] that our school uses. The [logo] is of course a dog, "Bess", and [believe me] you do not want to get her angry!
    Steven: Dude! Check out [this website]! Mike: Bess got me! Steven: Ha! You can't fool Bess! Mike: [Hax] [hax] hax!
  6. A server-level Internet [filtering] service used by many public schools, which blocks out adult content, email access, personal webmastering accounts, and anything that is construed to be "fun." It's basically "censorship," any way you look at it. Unfortunately, access to educational materials is blocked, due to technicalities. For example, one would be [hard-pressed] to pull up the text of "Romeo and Juliet," because there is a line that says "Sleep dwell upon thine eyes, [peace in] thy breast!" Of course, Romeo is referring to the heart, and not the female breast, in this sense; but the filtering program does not understand that.
    Eventually, students will be presented with a "Bess Can't [Go There]" [screen], whenever they try to [access] ANYTHING online.
  7. A large, [slow], cow-like [individual], [particularly] a woman.
    "Hey! [Besse]! [The line's] [moving]!"
  8. Bess is the most pure [hearted] person you will ever meet. She puts her self down and puts everyone else [on a pedestal] even though she is worth so much love. Bess will go out of her way to make you day the slightest bit better. Not only is she caring but she is also a sexy [piece of ass]!
    Why [are you] [grinning]?” “I just [walked] by Bess.”
  9. A [meme lord] [gifting] their [meme] knowledge to others
    U have [besses] me with ur presence and ur memes [thank] u, [Almighty] one! "I have been bessed".