Her elder sister Princess Beatrice, 20, also loves touring and spends just as much as her.

Beatrice: Well I was pretty shocked but Dave is boiling with rage.
碧婀翠絲: 我最初十分驚愕,戴福現在還滿腔怒火.

Replied Beatrice in great agony, for she loved her cousin.

Your dear insufferable, Beatrice is finally doing something useful - fertilizing the vegetables at the Summer Palace.
你親愛的,令人忍無可忍的, 比阿特麗斯終於做了一件有益的事情 —— 為夏宮的蔬菜施肥.

She was much better educated than that fool of a Beatrice.

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  1. woman: what's up, beatrice?

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  1. The name Beatrice is of Latin origins. It has Italian, French, English, Welsh, Scottish, German, Spanish, and Dutch derivations. The meaning of the name is Bringer of Joy.
    Princess Beatrice of York
  2. A girl with awesome tendancies, bearing no resemblance to an ape and with ample boobs. Freaking hot and super smart, loved by all!
    Beatrice is the sex
  3. Beatrice is another word for pure and genuine. She embodies all things perfect and heavenly and has a way of making all feel welcome. She is beautiful, inside and out. Very often the world Saint will precede the name Beatrice.
    He was seen with Beatrice eyes. The crowd felt [calm] after [feeling] the Beatrice [essence.]
  4. typically, one hot sexy mama. loves to have fun. and is a very social person, also a typical beatrice is EXCELLENT at making up songs. and raps. she has many dude friends cause lets face it. they are all fucking over her. they are very impressed with her dance moves and how she shakes what her mama gave her.
    Woah, whos that hot mama getting down with those bombing dance moves? hmmm idk must be a beatrice!
  5. This girl is very difficult to find and when the opportunity comes, you should snatch her up. She isn't that ordinary which makes her very special in dozens of ways. She constantly changes her mood in different ways in short periods of time. She is funny, kind, nice, sweet, loving, and not selfish. She speaks her mind in a way people would understand her well, which makes her well loved and admired. Her awe-inspiring personality and astonishing beauty makes her one-of-a-kind, having boys to like her and girls wanting to be like her. She doesn't really get to show her emotions until you get to know her. She is not a god send and is not perfect but she is close to her own way. She is someone that you don't know you have fallen for until you already have. Taking her with you to your journey is guaranteed to be the best decision you will ever make. Having and keeping her is what you should do if ever you have the chance to get her.
    Guy 1: My crush is there in the other side of the cafeteria. Guy 2: Wow. She is beautiful. She must be a Beatrice.
  6. Tech N9ne lingo as Bianca means bitch, Beatrices for multiple bitches
    Yo man you need to grab some fine ass beatrices for this party.
  7. Diving into the pit of hell to rescue a person you love.
    Tom: Did you hear Zach would do the Beatrice! for his girlfriend? Fred: Really? Tom: Yeah Fred: Wow, he must love her a whole lot.