• US /æt,ət/
  • UK /ət/
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  • prep. 在(做甚麼); 當(某件事發生的時候); 指向(某樣東西); 在…地方; 在(時間);
  • Around this time of day, he is usually at work
  • We were excited at seeing our team win again
  • He pointed his gun at me
  • Shelly is not here, she is at the store
  • I was born at the end of May

#FallingPlates 碎落的盤子

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  1. Acronym for Ass Talk. It happens when you ask someone as question and they have no idea what the answer is, so they start talking out of their ass. Usually it happens when someone is trying to sell you something in China. It can also come in the form of unwanted advice. Ass Talk is usually annoying, but once you recognize that you are hearing it, it is very funny.
    me: "Mr. Chen, is this bag you are selling me real or fake?" Mr. Chen: "Bag is reale, that is why you are buying it in my super lame store for a discounted price, and not in the real store. I know manufacturer. My quality is best." Me: "well the price is kind of high, I bought it the same one in a shop next door." Mr. Chen: "Not same quality. You buy no good, me sell you best product low price. My wife: "this guy is full of AT. Lets get out of here!"
  2. Symbol for the chemical Element astatine. Element no. 85, In between Polonium(Po) and Radon(Rn), The reason why chemistry teachers can't teach PoRn (porn)
    Yeah there's nosy parents and age laws but Astatine is the only thing preventing us from seeing porn. Screw At.
  3. Acronym for the Appalachian Trail. Used mainly among hikers that have hiked and/or ran the trail, but by other people as well. The Appalachian Trail runs from Georgia to Maine.
    "I'm hiking the AT this summer." "Really? The whole thing???"
  4. An abbreviation of "awkward time." This is an extremely and overwhelmingly awkward occurrence that typically isn't easy to handle without making the person experiencing the AT feel terribly embarrassed or uncomfortable.
    "Oh, I just walked by a tour group on campus as I was doing a walk of shame." "ATs!"
  5. A way to get someone's attention, verbally. Comes from Twitter's and Facebook's use of the @ symbol to identify a user or friend. Can be used instead of, or in conjunction with 'hey.'
    In a group setting. Joe: Hey, at Sheila, how was the exam today? Sheila: Aced it!
  6. Jamaican: 'at' means 'hot' as in 'hot head', dnagerous
    'at head' (hot head.... argue easy) 'Watch out, here comes at head!'
  7. Acronym for automatic transmission; an automobile featuring a gearbox that can automatically change gear ratios based on the car's velocity
    My 2005 Nissan Altima 3.5 SE AT OWNS YOU!
  8. A person who genuinely and seriously calls out somebody's legitimate complaint as a first world problem as a means of trivialising them and their complaint, usually to obtain a smug sense of moral superiority because of how 'in touch' they are with the 'plight of the underprivileged'.
    Dave: "Great, my air conditioner just died in the middle of a heatwave! This sucks." Twat: "This is such a first world problem. At least you have a house and clothes, and perpetual access to the internet on your smartphone to make these status updates." Dave: "Don't be such a first world twat."
  9. acronym for the term "Advanced Technique." Used in various video games including, but not limited to, Smash Bros.
    In Super Smash Bros. Melee, WaveDashing is an AT.
  10. Type of motherboard
    I have an AT motherboard in my 8086 baby.