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  1. The most amazing character that ever walked the face of this earth. Can be somewhat shy and socially [unappreciated], as portrayed by the young boy with Autism in the hit comedy The Middle. However [Arlo's] are magical creatures sent to bring golden [flakes] of happiness to all who pass before them. Arlo's are special. So special they should have their own brand of gum.
    Look [over there], does that guy have a [halo]? No, thats just a [magical] Arlo.
  2. The best guy to have [as a brother]. Never thinks before he [speaks] but is [hilarious]. His personality definitely lightens up the room
    Arlo is a [happy] [person]
  3. [The best person ever] to [exist] in the entire [expanding Universe].
    When I [hang out] with Arlo, I'm [happy].
  4. [the coolest person ever] he has [green hair] and is soo smart that he can solve any question [in the blink of an eye]
    wow look at the arlo [over there] he is [soo] [smart]
  5. These [bitches] are amazing and [we need] more people like [Arlo's].
    A: You [seem] like an Arlo. B: Why's that? A: Its because you're [amazing] in [every] way!
  6. The [coolest] [brother] and human [out there]
    That is a [cool] [ARLO]
  7. he is [the big gay]
    arlos [the big gay]