Anastasia: You've told me now! And I will lose you all over again! And Vladmir , too!
阿納斯塔西亞: 你現在已經告訴我了! 我又要失去你們了! 還有弗拉德米爾!

Anastasia: If he's in love with that girl, why should we even bother?
安娜斯塔利婭: 假如他愛上那個女孩, 那還關我們什麼事?

And now I entreat you to welcome to Copenhagen the princess Anastasia Nicholas Yevno.

Vladmir and Anastasia: I've been so blind! You first!
弗拉德米爾和阿納斯塔西亞: 我真是瞎了眼! 你先說!

Anastasia : I've been such a fool; I loved you from the start!
阿納斯塔西亞: 我真是個傻子; 從一開始我就愛上你了!

與紛絲分享秘密 (Share Secrets With Fans ft. Barely Political)

與紛絲分享秘密 (Share Secrets With Fans ft. Barely Political) Image 02:37
  1. [anastasia douglas] i'm anastasia douglas, i work with the channel barely political,

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讓中國抓狂的女人 (This Woman Is Driving China Crazy | China Uncensored)

讓中國抓狂的女人 (This Woman Is Driving China Crazy | China Uncensored) Image 07:56
  1. that that's why they were so thrilled to have chinese-born canadian anastasia lin win miss

    這也是為何加拿大華裔林耶凡 在獲選為今年的加拿大世界小姐代表時
  2. "anastasia lin was crowned miss world canada in may.

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化妝 (Tartelette in Bloom Tutorial by Kiki)

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  1. now with the anastasia beverly hills perfect brow pencil in dark brown just shade in your brows

    現在用Anastasia Beverly Hills 的完美眉筆 (深咖啡色)去畫眉
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Zoella 的冬季日常美妝 (My Everyday Winter Makeup Routine | Zoella)

Zoella 的冬季日常美妝 (My Everyday Winter Makeup Routine | Zoella) Image 11:51
  1. i'm still loving this anastasia beverly hills contour kit in light medium

    我還是很愛用 Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit 色號 Light Medium
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  1. an extremely goddess like figure who boys will line up to tie her shoes for her. She has an amazing death stare and will not put up with being called a priss. Because she is a GODDESS
    Dude, man, i totally got to tie anastasia's shoes for her!
  2. Usually a beautiful brown-eyed girl who is constantly in thought, always worrying, and always doing something wrong. She has both inner beauty and outter. She is very intelligent and taken for granted and used all the time. She's friendly all the time, like a hyper anime girl, but is put down for being different. She searches for love, but it never works out. She's truly a hesitant and shy girl. She gets by in life with great friends, but her friends are her weakness. If you know of an 'Anastasia' becomes friends with her she'll be a real sweet heart more than you know.
    1-Who is that girl? 2- I'm not sure she seems wild though! 3-Hm, i know her [pause and stare] 3- Oh sorry, she's an Anastasia. 1- Niceeee 2- I'm going to go say hi
  3. The epitome of awesomeness.
    She is the most Anastasia of them all.
  4. A Russian girl, most likely blonde, very beautiful, with a gorgeous body. A very good friend, the type you're never embarrassed in front of because you know she has a nastier mind than you do. You'll tend to have many dirty inside jokes with her.
    Do you know Anastasia? She told me she watches retard porn!
  5. The most beautiful girl in the world with the prettiest smile, and the funniest sense of humour, any guy would be lucky to date a girl like this.
    Brandon: Hey, man what are you doing later? Alex: Im gonna go hang out with Anastasia. Brandon: Wow... You're really lucky to have met her.
  6. A green eyed brown haired, beautiful and sexy girl who tends to think a lot and has quite a few close friends. Anastasia has a strong a strong will and a temper. Always up to something and has a dark side. Always loving and kind, she's always there for who she loves. Anastasia has knowledge of the mysterious and the occult and magick and is who you go to when you need help in any of these things. She is sweet and can be found in the woods or in big spooky houses. Anastasia tends to be a happy person but can have moments of weakness and melancholy. She is the type who has been through a lot of hardship, yet still sees the glass as half full. She loves the night.
    Dude, you see that girl over there?! Ya, I only ever see her at [night], hangin' 'round that [occult] shop. She's [beautiful], man. Ya, she's such an [Anastasia].
  7. A generally happy, good humored young lady, often Russian. A hyper anime brunette-as passionate in her loves as she is in her hates. You don't want to mess with this girl. Completely underestimates herself, and there is a thin line between her modesty and downright self criticism. One of the most unlikely people to be swayed easily or bow down to peer pressure- this chic can think for herself and is very intelligent. Is artistic, into music, art, drawing. Yet not always sporty or a braggart. Also a fantastic listener. The person you REALLY want to be friends with!
    me: Blah di blah blah *rants on about own life Anastasia: lol
  8. A beautiful green eyed woman. She has hair as silky as the sea, and the voice as calm as the summer air in the late afthernoon. She is loved by many and has a kind heart. The only bad thing about her is that when she is mad, she gets mad and you better give her some space to let her cool down. Besides that, she is a gift from Heaven and she will one day see her Father.
    Dan: Did you see Anastasia? Marcus: Yah, she is the most kindest person I have ever met.
  9. Anastasia's are the sweetest girls you'll ever meet. They seem to have anxiety over not being good enough, even though they are really beautiful and funny. Anastasia's always know exactly what to say to someone to pick up there spirits. They have a very high skill at keeping others secrets a secret. Anastasia's have many friends and love to hangout with them. Anastasia's are the best friends you could ever have.
    "Who is that beautiful girl" "Anastasia" "Oh that makes sense"
  10. Usually a sandy blonde, with greeny blue eyes. always there for others and will always tell you the truth if you ask her. good at keeping secrets but you have to tell her that its a secret or she will think that you don't mind. doesn't have a best friend just alot of good friends. doesnt have an obvious beauty but when you look at her she is very pretty. self concious but not afraid to be herself and speak her mind. alot of fun to be around, but holds pain and sadness inside her so dont be afraid to ask whats on her mind.
    "wow she's alot of fun to be around!" "must be an Anastasia"