• US /ˈæftɚ/
  • UK /'ɑ:ftə(r)/
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  • prep. 在(某時間點)之後;
  • conj. 在(某事件)之後;
  • adv. 在….之後、在… 後面;
  • I exercise each day after work is finished
  • I saw him after I left the office
  • After he cleans his face, he brushes his teeth
  1. "after" means right after some other event. so if u tell someone that u'll do something after that person did something else, it is common knowledge, that u have to do it right afterwards, not leaving any time inbetween!
    I'll tell u AFTER u told me something else. > that means, u gotta tell it right after that other person told u!